Sunday, 12 August 2012

Lazy Love

This song by Ne-Yo is omg awesome. I've been waiting to hear Mr.Smith come back with a truly sexy song and he does not disappoint. It makes me anticipate the release of his upcoming album R.E.D.

But let's talk about the video for a quick minute. The girl...she is SMOKING; undeniably hot. But um, somebody please tell me when Ne-Yo became so ripped?

All that aside, the song is awesome and if you can't relate to what Ne-Yo's singing about then your sex life needs serious improvement.


Pink Duchess

Monday, 11 June 2012

Tax ALL The Things

The above is a representation of the People's National Party's strategy for the island's debt relief. Now, I am no expert in taxation, or governing or anything politically related. What I do know is that the country's economy is in a dire state; people already have a difficult time providing for their families as it is. With the introduction of these new taxes; some on basic food items, it leads to the question "how poor people aguh eat a food?"

There are people out there who genuinely cannot afford the price increase at this point in time. Or ever, to be frank. What will become of them and their families? It's scary to think about the direction in which we are currently headed as a country...

Pink Duchess

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Relationship Hunt

Valentine's Day is fast approaching. No one wants to be alone on Valentine's Day! The relationship hunt is on.   This is a dynamic that will take some getting used to for me though. As far as I knew, people usually tried to break up before Valentine's day to spare themselves the expense of buying a gift. Stupid concept, I'm aware. However, this new concept of a relationship hunt to ward of feelings of loneliness during cupid season is just as stupid to me. But who am I to judge?

So, from what I understand, in the month or two prior to February, people get these deep, desperate feelings of emptiness; feelings that they can't seem to shake no matter how hard they try. They're apparently very unhappy at the prospect that Valentine's Day will catch them curled up on their couch, alone, watching Love Actually, eating a tub of Haggen Dazs. Personally, I find that to be an excellently spent night. As it turns out, nights like these are for losers, who can't seem to find love. Go figure.

Losers like me however know that being alone doesn't amount to being lonely. So while you may be completely repulsed at the thought being alone this coming lovey dovey season, I am quite content with curling up in bed and watching Glee.

I caution you friends...don't jump into a situation because you're lonely. That will only result in a complication. How about you learn to be by yourself instead. There is a lot you still don't know about YOU...take some time to understand your own worth so that you can show others just how much that is.

Pink Duchess

Spartacus is back...with a vengeance!

I haven't blogged in a minute. I'm a University student, cut me some slack.

Besides that, I haven't felt the urge to write in such a long time. And then I saw episode 5 of Spartacus: Vengeance...and all of that changed.

With the very sad and untimely death of Andy Whitfield and his subsequent replacement by Liam McIntyre, the second season of Spartacus started out feeling forced and lackluster. The passion that Whitfield so naturally  emanated seemed absent from McIntyre's performance and he seemed to just be going through the motions. Nevertheless, I stuck with the show, because I am a true fan at heart. Still, as the season progressed, my faith wore thin and I feared that the series had seen its best days. Mira was my saving grace, her and my deeply rooted hatred for Ashur and the desire to see his head struck from his fucking body. I admire everything about Mira. Not only is she beautiful; she is one bad ass, ride or die bitch. Spartacus is lucky to have that one as friend rather than foe, lucky to call her his woman.

But even with Mira hacking off limbs like the bad bitch she is, I still felt like something was missing from the show. I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but I knew it wasn't there.

Then Libertus aired. I missed the regular Friday 10 pm showing because I was off feting and bacchanaling like a true Caribbean girl during Soca Season. I played catch up first thing Saturday afternoon, after awaking from a drunken slumber and believe you me, I laid there immobile and slack-jawed for an hour as everything that I had been hoping for all season played out before my very eyes.

FINAL-FUCKING-LY. This is what I've been wanting to see since January. The anger...the cleverness...the deception...the thwarted plans! The momentum of this episode from beginning to end was unfaltering; full of excitement and suspense right to the fiery end.

Never in a million years could I have predicted this sort of conclusion to a regular episode. I was so very excited!  I felt like I was watching the season finale but its only the fifth fucking episode. I swear to you, when it was over, I had to get up and gather the bits of my brain scattered across my room. My mind was completely and utterly blown.

I will not attempt to summarize the episode. I do not believe I can do it justice. Try to catch one of the many eppy repeats on Starz.

As for me, all I have left to say is a hearty thank you to Steven DeKnight, Allison Miller and their team of writers for not letting my faith in them go in vain. You guys had me worried for a moment, but you've proven your genius.

Pink Duchess

Friday, 6 January 2012

I'm Back! (I think)

Hello my loves!

So my friend Shinke, the Shiney one, has been sitting on my balls for the past few weeks; "why have you abandoned your blog?" she says, "why aren't you writing?" she says. So here I am, pleasing you, oh Shiney one, with a blog post.

Except, I had no clue what to write about. I pondered and thought about it and...nothing. It's not as if they aren't an abundance of topics out there for me to speak on. I mean, the New Year just rolled on by; Happy 2012 by the way, and Christmas before that, and elections here in Jamaica, but none of these topics really interest me. Not enough to blog about anyway.

The truth is I've been feeling like a little emo bitch of late. I'm so unhappy it's pathetic. I might as well dress myself in black dreary clothes and over use my eyeliner and listen to sad, depressing music from my iPod all day long with a sign that says "Fuck Everything" on my forehead.

Its a particularly nasty cycle. I'm self loathing for self pitying and self pitying for self loathing and starting all over again and its pathetic.

You'd think in my current state, all the boys would pack their bags and run far far away, wouldn't you? I certainly thought so. Apparently I was so wrong. There is obviously some attraction that I will never understand for the girl with the fucked up emotions. I swear, these kids must have a hero complex or something, because I've never been asked out so much in life. I cannot for the life of me make sense of it.

I really don't think these kids understand what they are potentially getting themselves into. And I'm not even trying to push them away. I mean come on, I am literally at my lowest, what else can you do to turn a guy off at this point?

I think they think they can fix me somehow. Poor bastards. I'm way past the point of no return.

Pink Duchess

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

BOYS! Y U No Passionate Bout Love Like U Passionate Bout Sports?

I love how passionate boys are with their little toys and their games. I mean, I just love how enthralled they get during a sports match or a video game. They're very attentive when it comes on to these kinda things. You could be standing beside the television screen butt naked with a sandwich in your left hand and a beer in the right, and I guarantee you it will still take him more than a few seconds to recognize you're there. I guarantee you!

Sometimes what they want to happen, in terms of a match or game-play doesn't, and boy, you should see them rage!

Nevertheless, I love the passion. I love the excitement and the commitment that they put into it, even when they're angry and fed up of the whole thing. I know this one guy, he plays Fifa 12 religiously, and he gets so angry at times, because the game has glitches, and he's losing on technical issues, and he's getting relegated to the previous leagues and he gets so pissed and calls it a day every fucking day. "I'm done!", he says, yet tomorrow, he's right back it again, that you can count on. 

How awesome would it be if they could be this passionate about their feelings? How fucking awesome would it be if they could rep their girl the way they rep their team; hardcore, undying loyalty and commitment? How amazing would it be if they were as dedicated to us as they were to their Fifa 12 or their Manchester United? No matter how frustrating being on our team gets and now matter how many times they declare "fuck it! I'm done", you know, without a doubt, they'll be on your doorstep tomorrow, willing to give just one more shot. I think that would be pretty fucking amazing.

Pink Duchess

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Annoying Exes

The exes.

These are the people that often time make you wonder what the hell you were thinking.

Or they can make you wish you hadn't been so oblivious to what you had.

Either way, the whole situation is an experience for you to learn from, grow and move on.

The type of exes I wanna talk about this time around are the annoying ones. The ones that haven't grasped the concept of what an ex is supposed to be

If we've broken up, then it wasn't a spontaneous, irrational act. I did not get up one morning and say to myself 'Hmm...I feel like breaking today, so I'm gonna'. No... I'd like to believe that if two people are in a relationship and they decide to break up, some amount of thought would have gone into the decision.

I admit that most times break - ups aren't amicable, and both parties aren't in agreement that the relationship should end. More often than not, one person will want to hold on; one party will be willing to try to stay together and work things out.

However, when it is clear that it wont work and you both need to go your separate ways, please do so. Going your separate ways does not include the following:

  • Calling/Texting your ex every hour on the hour to tell them you want them back together
  • Turning up at their residence unannounced every other day, begging to get back together
  • Trying to scare off the people that they are currently dating
  • STALKING them
I should add that staying up all night with a bottle of Jack, singing "All by Myself" and crying on the living room floor is not moving on either. 

You had your chance with this person. It didn't work out. The best thing you could do for yourself is to accept that, learn from your mistakes and get on with your life.

 And stop acting so pathetic all the goddamn time

Pink Duchess